What to Do After Your Wedding Reception Introduction WRPS – 5

What to Do After Your Wedding Reception Introduction WRPS – 5

What to Do After Your Wedding Reception Introduction

Hello my name is Jack Barros, professional wedding DJ and author of Modern Wedding Ceremony 101. An eBook on American wedding ceremonies available to you on my website.

Thank you for joining me for this next article What To Do After Your Wedding Reception Introductions? As I mentioned in the previous article the focus is on dinner at weddings in the Boston, MA  and other areas of the country. In Long Island, the focus is on the party as much as the food. Great dance sets mixed with great food sets are the order of the day.  

Traditionally after the wedding reception introductions the entire bridal party introduced would go to their seats. There would then be a blessing.  Following the blessing, the best man would then propose a toast to the bride and groom.

After the wedding toast, dinner would be served through the entrée, followed by wedding cake cutting. Which very often would be a messy affair. After the cake cutting the couple would go to the dance floor for the first dance.

The advantage of this itinerary is that it gives the bride and groom time to come in and get comfortable in the room. The disadvantage is that the bride and groom are traditionally the first to dance which opens the dance floor.

What I have seen in my career is brides and grooms have changed the tradition. Today the majority of couples choose to go right into the first dance as soon as they come into the room.

Theres an advantage and a disadvantage to doing your first dance right away. The disadvantage is that nothing really happens in most American weddings until after dinner. The advantage is that the dance floor is now officially open, if dinner is delayed, your guests can be encouraged to dance with the proper music selections.

Many times your guests will request the DJ play their wedding song. Dinner is a great time to play those songs if the dance floor is open, your guest will often dance to “their” song, which many people also like and will dance also, now the party is started without any hype or encouragement. This adds energy to the party and no one is looking for the door.

Be sure to ask me how I always get the best requests at a wedding reception.

The dance floor can be a scary place for any one and even more so for many brides and grooms about to do their first dance. You will be out there all alone, at least for a short time. There are a few things that we can do to make this an easier time.

Take dance lessons! There are multiple rewards from taking dance lessons with your betrothed. You might actually learn how to dance, make sure you start those lessons early, but taking lessons is a great relationship builder. You are working together to make something beautiful and you get to show your closest friends and family.

For those of you that do not have the option of dance lessons, or just do not want to, here is what I suggest. After the first verse of your chosen song, have the emcee ask the rest of the bridal party join in. there is comfort in numbers. Have each couple introduced will take up enough time to the end of the song.

Another option that I use effectively is to have you dance the first verse of the song, I then will ask for a round of applause as the groom escorts the bride to their table. The song will be playing as a backdrop to you leaving the dance floor.

That gives you a couple of options on What to Do After the Wedding Reception Introduction. Find out ‘Who Does What At My Wedding Reception” in the next article of the Wedding Reception Planning Series

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