Wedding Introduction Etiquette in a Modern Family WRPS – 3

Wedding Introduction Etiquette in a Modern Family Hi my name is Jack Barros, Boston area wedding DJ and author of Modern Wedding Ceremony 101. A short eBook on American wedding ceremonies. Welcome to the Wedding Reception Planning series. In this video series we’ll discuss the typical American wedding reception. The goal is to get you


Reggae Wedding Interlude Songs

Reggae Wedding Interlude Songs The Interlude or the Unity part of the wedding is when the bride, the groom and their families come together after the vows have been said. There are quite a few ways to do a unity ceremony. In a Candle Ceremony, two thin candles are lit by the two families which


Traditional Seating of the Mothers & VIP’s

Traditional Seating of the Mothers & VIP’s The Seating of the Mothers is the part of the wedding procedures where the bride’s mother and groom’s parents are ushered into their seats. There are some instances that brides would elect grandparents instead. This is also the time when VIPs are seated. Do know that this particular


R & B Wedding Postlude Songs

R & B Wedding Postlude Songs After the marriage ceremony is done and the recessional is finished, this cues in the postlude part of the wedding procedures. If you’re expecting a receiving line for the guests right after the ceremony, you need to plan for your postlude music. Playing postlude music also works well when


Jazz Wedding Prelude Songs

Jazz Wedding Prelude Songs The Wedding Ceremony Prelude marks the guest’s arrival to the wedding location. It typically starts around half an hour to an hour before the start of the wedding ceremony itself. The length of the prelude is determined by the number of guests so it’s best that you’re prepared well. The wedding



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