Cape Cod Reception with Wedding DJ Jacky B Barros
Dani and Black Cape Cod Wedding

Here are some scenes from the fairy tale wedding of ; Danielle (Dani) Hill and Robert (Black) Mattie. June 1, 2019 IT ALL BEGAN… The search for our life partner is never easy. It started online. They connected online and knew they should meet When asked individually, both knew on the very first date that


7 Reggae Seating of the Mothers Songs That Moms Will Love

Reggae music during the seating of mothers and processional is quite uplifting. This should help your wedding DJ get everyone in a more playful and fun mood with a playlist consisting of reggae favorites. If you don’t know what music to play, check out our suggestions below: No Woman, No Cry by Bob Marley The


7 R&B Prelude Music To Kick Off Your Ceremony

Wedding prelude songs are music to welcome your guests as they arrive to the ceremony. You can set the right mood by hiring a wedding DJ to greet family and friends with the appropriate songs for the occasion. Playing rhythm and blues (R&B) at a nuptial sets a soulful mood. The genre is ideal for


7 Country Processional Music For Walking Down The Aisle

If your heart is set on having country music for your processional, we’ve got you covered. On this list, we have seven wedding-worthy songs you can ask your wedding DJ to play for your ceremony. God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton If you’ve found that someone who has stayed with you through difficulties never


7 Best Classical Brides Entrance Songs

7 Best Classical Brides Entrance Songs  Are you planning on having your wedding in a church? If this is so, you’ll have certain limitations on what you can play for your wedding. Ask your wedding DJ to play it safe, without going too plain with some good ole’ classical pieces. Classical music provides failsafe options



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