7 Country Processional Music For Walking Down The Aisle

If your heart is set on having country music for your processional, we’ve got you covered. On this list, we have seven wedding-worthy songs you can ask your wedding DJ to play for your ceremony. God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton If you’ve found that someone who has stayed with you through difficulties never


7 Best Classical Brides Entrance Songs

7 Best Classical Brides Entrance Songs  Are you planning on having your wedding in a church? If this is so, you’ll have certain limitations on what you can play for your wedding. Ask your wedding DJ to play it safe, without going too plain with some good ole’ classical pieces. Classical music provides failsafe options


5 Christian Postlude Songs That Will Add Meaning to Your Ceremony

The wedding DJ plays the postlude music after the minister or pastor gives the benediction.  Imagine this: you and your sweetheart have just said “I Do” and have officially tied the knot. Now, you don’t want silence as you and your wedding party go out of the ceremony. Nor do you want your guests to


8 Pop Prelude Songs to Kickstart Your Big Day

As your guests arrive and settle down before the ceremony, you want your wedding DJ to play background music to keep them entertained and happily waiting for the entourage to march down the aisle. There are no strict rules on what music to play right before your wedding ceremony, but the songs should be appropriate


5 Adult Contemporary Recessional Songs to Create a Modern Twist to a Traditional Ceremony

You have just been declared as “husband and wife” – it’s time to celebrate this new status. Put a twist to your wedding music by choosing contemporary recessional songs. When you get married inside a church or a house of worship, you might only be allowed to play Christian songs. If your wedding venue is



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