Wedding Ceremony Music Checklist

The Wedding Ceremony Music Checklist is a list of events that may occur in an American wedding ceremony. Brides use this checklist to determine when they will need background music and when they will need specific songs needed for the different parts of the ceremony.
For a complete review of events in a typical American wedding including explanation of each of the possible 22 elements of the ceremony see the Wedding Ceremony Checklist.

Most ceremonies have some or all the following elements:


  • Seating of the guests: Background music
  • Seating of the parents: You may want to pick a specific song for this seating. (optional)
  • Entrance of the Officiant: background music any
  • Entrance of the Groom and groomsmen. Specific song optional
  • White Carpet Rollout: Specific song optional
  • Entrance of the Ring bearer: Specific song optional
  • Entrance of the Flower Girl: Specific song optional
  • Entrance of the Bridesmaids: Processional song
  • Entrance of the Bride: Brides Entrance song


  • Opening words: No music
  • Presentation of the bride: No music
  • Opening Prayers/Invocation: No music
  • Declaration of consent: No music
  • Bible readings:  No music
  • Unity Mixing: Interlude song
  • Exchange of Vows: No music
  • Blessing and presentation of rings: No music
  • Pronouncement or declaration: No music
  • Introduction of the Newlyweds: No music
  • Recessional: Recessional song

Post Ceremony

  • Recessional: Recessional song

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