What’s the BIGGEST REGRET People Planning Wedding Ceremonies Have?
Forgetting to Consider the Sound!

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You’ve waited a life-time to say “I do”.

Your family and friends have driven from near and far to take part.

But imagine…

You and your partner, standing in front of all your loved ones.

Emotions run high. Your voices are quiet and low as you read each other your custom vows.

And, at last—the moment you’ve waited for so long is here!

You both take turns committing to each-other for life:

You both say… I do!

It’s the happiest moment in your life.

So…Why are half of your loved ones in the crowd annoyed?

Because they couldn’t hear a thing.

Forgetting about the detail of sound in your wedding can have your friends and family leaving the wedding thinking, “What was that?”


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Some of you have spent months or years planning and prepping for your wedding day. You’ve made it so everything looks delightful, smells delightful…but what about making sure people can hear what’s going on?

If no one can hear the most important parts of your wedding, then it doesn’t matter how nice the table-settings are.

Seriously, think about how much sound plays into a wedding…

Your musical selections—from the lighthearted prelude to the joyous recessional anthem.

The speeches your families and friends have painstakingly developed just for this special night, to honor you.

The readings you have chosen to be performed by clergy or loved ones.

Maybe you and your partner have taken the time to write your own vows and plan on saying them in front of everyone.

Do you want only your partner, the officiant and the first row of guests to hear you?

Or do you want everyone in attendance to catch every word you and your loved one say with crystal clarity?

Truth is, Great sound doesn’t just “happen”.

I’m Jack Barros, and I bring sound excellence to people’s most special days. I’m a full time Wedding DJ, and over my thirty years in this business, I’ve entertained thousands of guests at all sorts of functions, combining my Degree in Electronic Engineering, Experience and infectious energy to guide couples planning the most important day of their lives.

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>>Get Your FREE Wedding Sound Report<<((EMAIL, NAME))