Wedding Ceremony Checklist

The Wedding Ceremony Music Checklist is a list of events that may occur in an American wedding ceremony. Brides use this checklist to determine when they will need background music and when they will need specific songs needed for the different parts of the ceremony.
For a complete review of events in a typical American wedding including explanation of each of the possible 22 elements of the ceremony see the Wedding Ceremony Music Checklist click here.

Most ceremonies have some or all the following elements:


  • Seating of the guests: Seating of the guests is done by the groomsmen. Traditionally family and friends of the bride sit on the left side of the room and family and friends of the groom will sit on the right side. Look for Prelude Songs. Specific song optional
  • Seating of the parents: Seating of the groom’s parents and the bride’s mom is also done by the groomsmen. You may want to pick a specific song for this seating. Look Seating of the Parents songs (Specific song optional)
  • Entrance of the Officiant: This is done in different ways depending on the ceremony site. The clergy may come from the side to front and center or they may come down the center aisle. (Specific song optional)
  • Entrance of the Groom and groomsmen. Similar to the Officiant they may come from the side or down the center aisle. Look for groom’s entrance songs. Specific song optional
  • White Carpet Rollout: Often brides will choose to have the white carpet treatment! Groomsmen will roll out the carpet just prior to the ring bearer comes down the center aisle. Specific song optional
  • Entrance of the Ring bearer: Background music may be the same as for the groomsmen Specific song optional
  • Entrance of the Flower Girl: Background music may stay the same or change to something specific or begin the Processional. Look for Processional songs.
  • Entrance of the Bridesmaids: Background music should complement the brides chosen song to walk down the aisle. Look for Processional songs
  • Entrance of the Bride: The last song you will hear as a single woman!! ?) Brides Entrance songs


  • Opening words: The Officiant typically will welcome the guests, invite them to sit. No music
    Presentation of the bride: From father, mother or other to the groom & Officiant. No music
  • Opening Prayers/Invocation: Prayers are optional at secular weddings and an invocation may be used instead. No music
  • Declaration of consent: Bride & Groom confirm they want to get married. No music
  • Bible readings: 1 – 3 in Christian Ceremonies. No music
  • Unity Mixing: Unity rituals are popular at many weddings. I’ve seen brides & grooms use sand shells or have a candle lighting. Interlude Songs
  • Exchange of Vows: The most important part of the ceremony and can be the hardest! There are sample vows on my site, but remember the main thing is that you are saying the things that you would say and mean. Flowery prose has its time and place. No music
  • Blessing and presentation of rings: Discuss with your clergy what will be said during the exchanging of the rings. No music
  • Pronouncement or declaration: You May Kiss The Bride!!! No music
    Introduction of the Newlyweds: Are you changing your name? Important to decide how you will be introduced No music
  • Recessional: Background music typically is traditional, but anything can be used that may reflect your personality. Recessional songs

Post Ceremony

  • Receiving line: The receiving line is when the newlyweds and members of the bridal party greet the guests that have attended the ceremony. Suggest that only the bride & groom and the parents greet the guests. More people require more introductions and can be very time consuming. Postlude songs

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