Traditional Seating of the Mothers & VIP’s

Traditional Seating of the Mothers & VIP’s

Traditional Seating of the Mothers & VIP’s

The Seating of the Mothers is the part of the wedding procedures where the bride’s mother and groom’s parents are ushered into their seats. There are some instances that brides would elect grandparents instead. This is also the time when VIPs are seated.

Do know that this particular part of weddings differ from one religion or sect to another. For Protestants, it starts just before the beginning of the formal recessional. For the Jewish, it starts just when the parents of both bride and groom are escorted to the ceremony. There’s no formal seating period for Catholics, and for others it’s typically one of the two above or a combination of both.

During the seating, the groomsmen usher the mothers of the couple to their assigned seats. In smaller weddings, the best man escorts the grandparents while the groom escorts the parents.

Grandparents are recognized as honored guests and are usually seated prior. This is also the time when dignitaries invited to the wedding are seated.

The kind of music that goes well during the seating are those that tell of parents letting go of their son or daughter to wed or songs that tell of love for the father or mother. This is the time to stir some old memories with familiar songs and tunes.

Suzanne Ciani

has been nominated a few times in the Grammy which shows her music prowess. Her piano masterpiece, Anthem, is a beautiful piece of music that can put guests into a dreamy state and stimulating streams of sensations and thoughts. It can make listeners forget about the moment and bring them into another state of mind.

Butterfly Kisses

is one of those songs that beautifully defines how a father feels as he gives away his daughter to marry the love of her life. She sends butterfly kisses since she was a child until she’s about to marry. It’s a staple during weddings and can be heard playing during the whole wedding ceremony from the church to the reception.


is a very versatile piece of piano music and can be played in different occasions that calls for a solemn and silent mood. This goes well with the seating because it’s so relaxing and sets the mood of the guests while they wait for the formal ceremonies to commence. This has been performed by a lot of artists and it’s popular because of the dreamy melody.

Andy Williams

is one of the music legends whose songs still can be heard played on various occasions. Not being biased or anything but Andy’s rendition of The Hawaiian Wedding Song is the best out there. The song brings back memories and lull the listeners with Andy’s beautiful singing voice. A wedding won’t be complete without playing this song.

If you’ve seen the movie Braveheart, this piece of music surely has been instilled in your heart and mind. It was composed by James Horner and can be heard playing during the hero’s wedding in a garden. It’s haunting, it’s dreamy, and it really is wonderful.

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