The Last Dance of Your Wedding Reception WRPS -10

The Last Dance of Your Wedding Reception WRPS -10

The Last Dance of Your Wedding Reception

Hello my name is Jack Barros, a Boston area professional wedding DJ and author of Modern Wedding Ceremony 101. An eBook on American wedding ceremonies available free to you on my website

Welcome to the tenth and final edition of the Wedding Reception Planning Series, a set of articles designed to provide you the information you need to plan the wedding reception of your dreams.

In this article we will discuss the tradition of the Last Dance of Your Wedding Reception. We will be talking about the pros and cons of various ways of ending your wedding reception with a last dance and some insight on how to choose the song for the last dance on your weeding night.

Before you know it the day you have been planning for months, the day you have waited on all your life will be ending. The celebration is coming to a close. How do you end your reception?

Traditionally the newlyweds would drive off under a rainstorm of rice signaling good luck and prosperity in their married life. Leaving the guests to continue the party. That tradition had already faded by the time I started performing for weddings. Newer traditions incorporate a last dance.

The last dance can be done in several ways. The simplest form of the last dance is for your Wedding DJ/Emcee to introduce the bride and groom to the dance for the last time. The couple will dance together and when the song is over, the reception is over.

Many of us prefer to have someone on the dance floor when we dance. In this case your Wedding DJ/Emcee can ask your guests to join you in your last dance.

One popular version of the last dance adds a circle of friends. Done in a couple of different ways depending on how much time you have left. First your Wedding DJ/Emcee asks everyone to form a circle on the dance floor. They would then introduce the newlyweds for their last dance. If you are running short on time you would have the couple dance the whole song. When the music ended the reception ended.

In a longer version of the circle of friends last dance, the bride and groom are welcomed back to the dance floor, but they only dance the first verse and then the Wedding DJ/Emcee will invite them to say goodbye to their guests. The music will continue playing as the couple makes their way around the circle.

The right wedding entertainer can make the last dance as memorable as the rest of the evening by encouraging your guests to come in for a group hug making sure the wedding photographer and videographer get great shots of you and your guests.

After you know how you want to do your last dance, you need to choose the song. Many times the song chosen for the last dance is a slow love song, possibly one of the choices for the first dance.

Slow songs are great for any one of the ways to do your last dance. Many couples choose to use a slow into a fast song. The song will start off slow but end on much more upbeat and faster dance. Examples include Donna Summer’s The Last Dance or the theme from the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack by Bill Medley ‘I’ve Had the Time of My Life”.

There are other ways to end your wedding reception. I suggest that you talk to your Wedding DJ/Emcee for other ideas. Now you have some ideas on how you might want to end your wedding celebration as well as some insight on choosing the song that you will use to end your wedding reception.

What will your last dance be? Thanks for viewing this edition of ‘The Wedding Reception Planning Series’

Until we meet again, Have a Great Day!

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