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Dani and Black Cape Cod Wedding

Cape Cod Reception with Wedding DJ Jacky B Barros

Here are some scenes from the fairy tale wedding of ;

Danielle (Dani) Hill and Robert (Black) Mattie.

June 1, 2019


The search for our life partner is never easy.

It started online. They connected online and knew they should meet

When asked individually, both knew on the very first date that at last they had found the one!

The one they wanted to spend to the rest of their life with.


I was referred to Dani by David John Correia photographer extraordinaire, a longtime friend and colleague. He is an artist with a camera and has a personality that your guests will love. The really great images following are his, the others are mine.

The first time Dani and I talked about what she wanted for her day, we clicked on music. When I mentioned Too Close and Wifey by Next, she knew that I understood what kind of wedding reception she wanted. An upbeat, fun wedding with a lots of 90’s R & B and Hip Hop.

The pre bridal consultation is when I meet with the bride, groom and other wedding planners to discuss the itinerary for the wedding day.

We met at the wedding site the Crosby Mansion in Brewster, MA. This is a hidden jewel for a wedding venue! And it gets better every year thanks to the Friends of the Crosby Mansion ongoing renovation. Caretaker Brian Locke and other volunteers have restored much of this fabulous manse.

Crosby Mansion Brewster, MA

Shh don’t tell anyone and it is hard to imagine that when they booked the Crosby Mansion for their wedding, they had almost the whole mansion and property to themselves for the entire weekend! Friday – Sunday!

Special deal maybe IDK if you’re interested in the place tell Brian that you want the ‘Dani’ deal and see if its available for your day!

Dani and Black Pre-Bridal Consultation@Crosby Mansion Brewster, MA


The day started for me, wedding DJ Jacky B Barros, and my lady at the Captain Freeman Bed and Breakfast with the emphasis on Breakfast! Feast your eyes on this 5-course masterpiece. Including Crème Brule French Toast with scrambled eggs and a Vermont maple sausage and homemade sorbet as an entremet and more. What a great way to start the day. Thanks Donna, Byron and Harrison too!

Breakfast Captain Freeman Inn


The ceremony started with traditional classical music. In fitting with the formal surroundings. The bridal party entered to the R& B version of Jagged Edge Let’s Get married. Dani then had me drop the beat! She entered with the remix version for her entrance which had everyone up and dancing! Exactly what she wanted!

[Below: Wedding DJ Jacky B Barros Ceremony Setup]

Wedding Ceremony @ the Crosby Mansion
Dani and Black Get Ready to Say I DO!

Carl ‘Brother Bub’ performed the ceremony including the coronation of our bride and groom into his and hers King and Queen with all The Royal Children in attendance. The ceremony ended in the tradition of Jumping the Broom.

Jumping the Broom


Entrance Songs

Bridal Party: Regulate by Warren G Bride & Groom: All My Life by  KC & JoJo

[Below: Wedding DJ Jacky B Barros Reception Setup]

Wedding Introductions

The first dance was a fantastic rendition of Thinking Out Loud from Ed Sheeran sung by Courtney Andrade. Great job Courtney!

First Dance

The amazing smell of barbeque ribs filled the room and teased our palettes. We couldn’t wait to dig into ribs, mac and cheese, greens and more from Bob Oldsman and the crew of Whites Catering.

Dani sent me a great list of artists to choose from and to mix with guest’s requests. I personally go to as many tables as I can to meet the guests and to get requests. Dani’s guests added some great songs to our list.

Full Dance Floor on A Bright Saturday Afternoon

Everything from the old favorites like, We Are Family to Drakes Nonstop with a whole lot of Next, Mary j, Whitney and Michael Jackson and current pop hits like Shape of You, Despacito, and Before I Let Go by Beyonce

What a great dance party! Everyone was dancing for the last dance All of Me by John Legend.

Thank you Danielle (Dani) Hill Mattie and Robert (Black) Mattie for allowing me to be a part of your day. I enjoyed you, your music and your guests!

Warmest Regards

DJ Jacky B!



          David John Correia

                    IG: @davidjohncorreia


                   C: (617) 201-9617

                   E: davidjohncorreia7@icloud.com

                   F: https://www.facebook.com/djcorreia


Crosby Mansion

163 Crosby Ln

Brewster, MA 02631

(508) 896 -1744




Bob Oldsman

White’s Catering


W: (508) 896 – 7923


          Cake by Brenna

                   A: 212 Governor Bradford Rd Brewster, MA

                   P: 508-221-4501

W: https://cakebybrenna.com/


          Captain Freeman Inn

                   A: 15 Breakwater Rd Brewster, MA

P: 508-896-7481

E: info@captainfreemaninn.com

                   W: https://www.captainfreemaninn.com          

Contact Wedding DJ Jacky B Barros

          ‘DJ Jacky B’ Barros

                   IG: @djjackyb

                   W: (302) 715 – 1435

                   C: (508) 889 – 9435


Country Songs for Wedding Recessional

Country Songs for the Wedding Ceremony Recessional

Country Songs for the Wedding Ceremony Recessional


Country Songs for the Wedding Ceremony Recessional post time is here! Many couples choose up beat party songs for their recessional song. It’s official, and its time to celebrate! Congratulations on making it to the end of the ceremony. (Bet you weren’t sure you were going to make it this far eh?) Following is the Wedding Ceremony Music Series post of the week.

 Country Songs for the Wedding Ceremony Recessional

Our Kind of Love               Lady Antebellum

Keep On Lovin’ You         Steel Magnolia

Beautiful Mess  Diamond Rio

Good Directions                Billy Carrington

Would You Go With Me Josh Turner

Yes         Chad Brock

Just To See You Smile Tim McGraw

Want more?

Grab your copy of Bridal Songs Your Guide to Wedding Ceremony Music 2nd Edition a one of a kind wedding ceremony music resource! Find the perfect song for your wedding celebration.

You will find great wedding songs for all parts of your wedding ceremony from 11 genres of music. You can find songs easily as the songs are listed by genre, artist and song title. The book details the different parts of the American wedding ceremony.

Add Your Voice!

Is there a song you would use for Christmas at Your Wedding Ceremony?

Love to hear it. Place any suggestions in the comments.

Want the Perfect Wedding Ceremony?

Click here

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Alternative Rock Wedding Ceremony Song Suggestion Series

Alternative Rock Wedding Ceremony Music

Alternative Rock Wedding Ceremony Songs

Hi my name is Jack Barros I’m a Worcester area wedding DJ: This is my wedding song suggestion series. Have you always chosen the different path when it comes to music? If so, then you may find the perfect songs to play for your wedding ceremony in my book “Bridal Songs” “Your Guide to Wedding Ceremony Music” look for the alternative lists in each section

Most of the songs on the following list can be used for the prelude and or other portions of the wedding ceremony as well. You can hear portions of the following songs on my web site. Check out Jacky B’s Blog

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  • Alternative and classical
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A good choice if you need an alternative wedding ceremony song for the Groom would be “Here Comes Your Man” by the Pixies. Continue reading