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Inside Wedding Reception Planning Series The Wedding Introduction

Inside Wedding Reception Planning Series

The Wedding Introduction

Hi my name is Jack Barros Boston area wedding DJ and author of Modern Wedding Ceremony 101! If you stick around, I’ll tell you how to get your eBook copy FREE!

Inside Wedding Reception Planning

DJ Jack 'Jacky B' Barros
DJ Jack ‘Jacky B’ Barros

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Modern Wedding Ceremony 101

Welcome to the Wedding Reception Planning series. This video series we’ll discuss the various parts of a typical American wedding reception. Furthermore, I strive to provide you the information you need to help plan the wedding reception of your dreams.


There are a lot of great traditions in American weddings that you can choose to celebrate. What I love to share with couples is that they can honor those traditions. Or modify an existing tradition. But best of all they can start their own family tradition.

Wedding Introductions

In this article we will be talking about the traditional wedding introduction. You can be introduced into the reception several different ways. Often depending on the type of reception you have chosen. Let us look at some common ways you can be introduced at your wedding reception.

Short Wedding Intro

You may want to introduce just the two of you! “Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, on behalf of our bride and groom we thank you for joining us for this joyous occasion. I ask you all to please rise. (pause) It gives me great pleasure to introduce Mr. and Mrs. Newly Wed!

Wedding Introduction of Bride and Groom
Triumphant Bride & Groom!

There are a few reasons why you would choose to introduce only the bride and groom. A small, intimate wedding reception. You may have a very small bridal party. Also, an odd number of wedding party participants. Consequently, short wedding intros are also often done at casual, destination and second weddings.

Bridal Party Intro

Your next option is to introduce the Bridal Party! In this scenario you, the bride and groom are introduced after the members of the formal bridal party. The bridal party intro often begins with introducing the flower girl and the ring bearer if you have them. Also includes the brides’ attendants, often called bridesmaids, and ushers also called groomsmen.

Family Intro

Wedding introductions done at formal wedding receptions include the Parents. The parents of the bride, traditionally the hosts of the wedding reception are introduced into the room first.
Today many receptions get paid for by many people. 
Parents, couples themselves and even crowd funding websites, like GoFundMe. In this case, your Emcee or wedding DJ will introduce the hosts of the reception into the room first.

Notable Guest Intro

Quite often you will have notable guests to include in your wedding introductions. Notable guests include your grandparents and anyone that participated in the wedding ceremony. Notable guests may be introduced into the room before your parents, or they may also be recognized at their table.
There you have some of the most common introductions at a typical American wedding reception.

Who are you going to introduce?

Find out in the next article in our series specifically who to introduce and when!
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Jacky B’s Wedding DJ Blog

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Welcome to Jacky B’s Wedding DJ blog! Here you can find great information and ask all of your questions about wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions.

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The rest of my website tells all about me, I already know about me. I need to know about YOU! The more you share with me the better I can perform for you. This page and site is all about my brides and what you need and want.

Visitors and clients alike let me know what YOU want from a Wedding DJ website. Leave a comment below or on facebook if you’d like.

Currently on my the website you can

  • have your own client planning area
  • learn how to write your wedding vows
  • check out song lists
  • learn about how I became a professional wedding DJ
  • contact me multiple ways, whats your favorite
  • benefits of using a professional wedding DJ

future planned pages include song lists for the various formalities

and Jacky B’s Wedding DJ Blog.

Here’s what to expect to see on this blog.

  • Articles on wedding related themes
  • Posts on upcoming & past weddings
  • Tips & Tricks that I’ve learned along the way
  • Guest posts on weddings
  • and whatever you asked me for that
  • I can possible provide
  • Periodic contests (I really like contests)

I’m going to work on a contest right now.

Tip of the day: For your wedding related contest entries get yourself a Google phone number and email address. You can set up the phone number so that when they leave a message you can read it in an email. Then once you’ve hired your vendors you can give them your current info.

I hope you find this site helpful. Check back often.

Thanks for stopping by Jacky B’s Wedding DJ Blog


DJ Jack Barros Worcester Area Professional Wedding DJ

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