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Traditional Wedding Ceremony Music

Traditional Wedding Ceremony Music

Traditional Wedding Ceremony Music

There are many songs that do not fit into a specific genre of music, or there were not enough songs in that genre to form a category. The one thing that these songs have in common is that they are from our past. They are songs from movies or history that have meaning or say just the right thing to be used in an American wedding ceremony.

Welcome to the traditional genre of wedding ceremony music. When choosing songs for your wedding ceremony, keep in mind that you may only need a small part of the song to get your message across. The walk down the aisle takes from 15 to 45 seconds tops. This allows you to use sections of songs for your traditional wedding ceremony music.

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Traditional Wedding Ceremony Music List

A Time For Us Romeo & Juliet Theme

Ain’t That A Kick Dean Martin

Amazing Grace Various (choose your favorite artist)

Ani L’Dodi Li Various Traditional Artists

Anthem Suzanne Ciani

Bella’s Lullaby Twilight Soundtrack

Bridal March Jonathan Cain

Want more?

Grab your copy of Bridal Songs Your Guide to Wedding Ceremony Music 2nd Edition a one of a kind wedding ceremony music resource! Find the perfect song for your wedding celebration.

You will find great Jazz wedding songs along with 10 other genres of music. You can find songs easily as the songs are listed by genre, artist and song title. The book details the different parts of the American wedding ceremony.

Add Your Voice!

Is there a song you would use for a Jazzy wedding ceremony?  Love to hear it. Place any suggestions in the comments.

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