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Jazz Wedding Prelude Songs

Jazz Wedding Prelude Songs

The Wedding Ceremony Prelude marks the guest’s arrival to the wedding location. It typically starts around half an hour to an hour before the start of the wedding ceremony itself.

The length of the prelude is determined by the number of guests so it’s best that you’re prepared well. The wedding starts when all the important guests have arrived.

The prelude is also the best time to set the mood for the entire event, while the guests wait for the formal ceremonies of the wedding to commence. Modern wedding coordinators tend to set a cheerful atmosphere during this period, but some people prefer a subdued tone which then creates an intimate, and more solemn mood for the wedding itself. Classical music brings with it a sense of grandness, but at the same time, it also lends a sense of sacredness– telling us that an important ceremony is happening.

One of the more popular music genres to play during the prelude is jazz. It sets a light mood without being overpowering. When you play subtly upbeat music, guests tend to relax, laugh, and smile more.

The songs and its singers also add to the mood. When people hear familiar voices and tunes, they tend to sing along and this makes the waiting time less tedious

Michael Buble’s rendition of Crazy Little Called Love is clear proof that this crooner can cover any song and make it truly his own. This song has been covered by many other greats, such as Elvis Presley and Queen, but Michael’s unique and soothing voice has managed to make it new again. The lyrics of the song talks about the ups and downs of love, quite perfect for a wedding.

Darling Je Vous Aime Beaucoup by Nat King Cole is another jazz favorite during wedding preludes. Who wouldn’t love Nat King Cole’s voice? The song may contain French words but it plainly tells about a man pledging his love to her woman through the words ‘I love you, yes I do.’

Kenny G is one of those artists who has managed to show the world that lyrics is not really a requirement for music to be fully enjoyed. With the power of his clarinet, he wooed people around the globe and gained worldwide recognition. One of his most recognizable piece of work and most heard during weddings is Forever in Love. This piece is light and can set the mood just right during the prelude.

Another jazz master, Louis Armstrong, left us with so many great songs. Honeysuckle Rose is a song about how sweet love can be. It’s a less formal approach by comparing kisses to honey and the words work well together.

Michael Buble gets another number in this playlist with his version of the classic How Sweet It Is. This song is another staple during weddings and one that it sure to get the guests singing along because of the light, familiar lyrics.

If you want to inject some jazz music into your prelude song playlist, you can’t go wrong with these five pieces.

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