Rocking Wedding Recessional Songs

Rocking Wedding Recessional Songs

Rocking Wedding Recessional Songs

Looking back at more traditional times, rock wedding recessional songs wouldn’t have made it to the list of songs that can be played during solemn wedding ceremonies. In fact, wedding tunes back then were rather monotonous—boring, for some. But times have changed and weddings have become more personal, and express more of the taste and feelings of the couple.

But of course, rock songs might still be considered a little out of place during the processional. That part is reserved for the calmer, slower tempo tunes. But come recession, it can certainly be more playful—in this case, a lot louder.

The recessional is when the participants in the wedding ceremony begin walking back down the aisle. It starts right after the new couple is introduced by the officiant. The order and the length of which the recessional goes will depend on the wedding ceremony type and the size of the wedding venue. It can be a bit lengthy so be ready with a number of different tunes to play.

The recessional, much like the postlude part of the wedding is a time to be more playful with the songs that you can play. While most couples would still prefer more mellow music like pop and R&B, rock songs are not unheard of. Rock wedding processional songs can make the wedding more memorable and lively as people sing and rock along with the tunes. However, one needs to be careful with the songs to include in the list. This is especially so if you’re wedding location (for example, a church) has strict music requisites.

To help you decide on which tunes should be in your rock wedding recessional songs, here are more than a few examples.


After All by Cher & Peter Cetera features two of the greatest singers the music world has produced.

All You Need is Love b the Beatles

When The Beatles say ‘All You Need Is Love’, you better listen.

Another  one Bites the Dust by Queen

Queen’s ‘Another One Bites The Dust’ is a playful pun on the semblance between marriage and death. It’s sure to make people laugh.

Beautiful Day by U2

The wedding should be one of the most beautiful days for a couple and no one says it better than U2 with their song Beautiful Day.

Better Together by Jack Johnson

Marriage unites two people in love and they look ‘Better Together’ according to Jack Johnson.

Come and Get Your Love by Redbone

When the guests have left and only the couple remain, ‘Come and Get Your Love’ by Redbone is the perfect theme song.

Crazy Little Thing by Queen

It has been called many names throughout the generations and according to Queen, it’s a ‘Crazy Little Thing’.

Cruisin’ by Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Lewis

For the more soothing combination of vocals and melody, Cruisin’ by Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Lewis has got that covered.

Don’t Stop Believing by Journey

There will always be love and forever is real if you just ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ according to Journey.

Enter the Sandman by Metallica

A rock ensemble wouldn’t be completed without a dash of Metallica and to ensure that guests will be singing along, you can’t go wrong with Enter Sandman.

Eye of The Tiger by Survivor

Love and marriage are two things worth fighting for and if you’re feeling a bit ‘Rocky’, why not play Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger?

Happy Together by Jack Johnson

The Turtles has got it right when they wrote ‘Happy Together’ because that’s what couples should be.

Highway to Hell by AC/DC

Another play on the marriage pun, Highway to Hell, by AC/DC. Never gets old.

How Sweet It Is by James Taylor

If you’re feeling nostalgic and just can’t get enough of James Taylor’s unique voice, How Sweet It Is fits the bill.

Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi

If you’ve ever read between the lines of ‘Livin on a Prayer’ by Bon Jovi, you’ll know that it’s all about survival even during the most trying times. Something that couples could learn something from.

There are other great rock hits in this list and each one is great on its own. Make the event livelier by playing these rock wedding recessional songs

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