Reggae Wedding Interlude Songs

Reggae Wedding Interlude Songs

Reggae Wedding Interlude Songs

The Interlude or the Unity part of the wedding is when the bride, the groom and their families come together after the vows have been said.

There are quite a few ways to do a unity ceremony. In a Candle Ceremony, two thin candles are lit by the two families which in turn will be used to light up a third, bigger candle. This represents the unity of the families. In a Sand Ceremony, the couple mixes together two differently colored sands which often come from beaches that are memorable to the bride and groom.

The length of the unity ceremony depends on the ritual chosen. The playlist needs to be as long as the time it takes for the ritual to be completed. The Candle Ceremony, for example, can be over in three minutes. This is a great time to mix various portions of songs that contain lyrics relevant to the wedding or the ritual.

The unity ceremony

usually just includes the bride and the groom but in some cases the clergy, the parents of the couple, or the bridesmaids and groomsmen also take part. This makes it the best time to personalize your playlist as it’s supposed to be a light period after you have taken your vows.

To make the interlude or unity procedures flow smoothly, you need to be prepared beforehand. A table is usually used for this activity so make sure there is one ready in the area. If you’re doing the Candle Ceremony, make sure that you have a couple of lighters or matchboxes to light up the candle.

When choosing the songs to play during the interlude, you should consider the type of the ceremony. Some rituals need solemn music for the meaning to be understood and felt by the participants and also the guests. If guests will be talking during the interlude, you can use instrumental music.

Although not typically heard in weddings, reggae songs can be fun to play during the interlude or unity ceremony. This is perfect for less formal wedding preparations and guests will surely remember your choice of music genre.

You don’t have to play reggae music for the whole interlude. Just a couple should get your guests singing along.

I Got You Babe by UB40

is one great reggae song that is light and very much familiar. UB40 was formed in Birmingham in 1978. The band members might be British but they sure got the reggae touch right with this song. You can still this song being played in festivals and in some cases, weddings.

Bob Marley

And what’s a reggae playlist without a song from the reggae legend himself, Bob Marley. This great artist literally brought reggae music into the mainstream with his catchy melodies and soul-stirring lyrics. And when you think about Bob Marley, One Love surely comes into mind. It’s a generic song about love which makes it perfect for weddings. It talks about all people getting together, loving each other and praising the Creator.

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