Mother and Son Song

Mother and Son Song list

Thanks for stopping by the Mother and Son Dance Song list. Guys don’t get nervous about this song. I have a couple of tips for you that will help you choose just the right song for you and your mom to dance.

First the best song choice is going to be one that means something to you both. Maybe something that she sang to you as a baby. It doesn’t have to be a traditional slow song, the shared moment is much more important than actually dancing.

Second is that you shouldn’t worry about how long the song is. If you hire a professional wedding DJ they can make any song work. One by starting to play the song and then introduce you or fade the song on a chorus to round of applause.

The following list comes from Wedding They have the best song lists on the internet that I could find. Just because a song is on this list does not mean it is appropriate. This list was made from various sources and has not been edited. For most of the songs right click on the song and select open in a new window. On the new page will be a YouTube video and in most cases the song lyrics will be shown.