Father & Daughter Songlist

Father & Daughter Songs list

For the best list of Father Daughter songs please contact me at DJ Jack Barros Professional Wedding DJ. I have compiled an extensive list of Father Daughter dance songs and have added various categories to make your selection easier. An example of is, songs from the bride to her dad with love, bride to mom songs, bride to a step parent, to a lost loved one The file is a database and was far to large for this site. If you have a different relationship with a parent and need song suggestions drop a line here.

The following list comes from Wedding Wire.com. They have the best song lists on the internet that I could find. Just because a song is on this list does not mean it is appropriate. This list was made from various sources and has not been edited. For most of the songs right click on the song and select open in a new window. On the new page will be a YouTube video and in most cases the song lyrics will be shown.