R & B Wedding Postlude Songs

R & B Wedding Postlude Songs

R & B Wedding Postlude Songs

After the marriage ceremony is done and the recessional is finished, this cues in the postlude part of the wedding procedures. If you’re expecting a receiving line for the guests right after the ceremony, you need to plan for your postlude music.

Playing postlude music also works well when the postlude is planned to flow right into the reception. This may also be the time when the family of the couple remains for pictures.

The postlude part of the wedding doesn’t really take that long. It basically is comprised of hello’s and congratulations between the couple and the guests as they go through in the receiving line.

When choosing songs to play during the postlude, consider including songs about family, happiness, and love. This is the time when guests will be talking with each other so you should keep the volume down to conversational levels.

Postlude music provides ambiance during the post-ceremony nuptials. During this period, the couple is receiving guests, taking pictures, or signing the marriage license.

You should consider a few factors when selecting the songs to be played during the postlude like the time of the year, the reception venue, you and your partner’s musical tastes, the mood you want to set (solemn, gay, or mixed), the music’s tempo and genre, and even the geographic location of the wedding.

One of the more popular music genre to play during the postlude is R & B.

Peabo Bryson’s A Whole New World

is not only a Disney song favorite of kids of all ages but is also a beautiful song to play during the postlude. It talks about new beginnings and new experiences to explore. Things that are very much relatable to newlywed couples.

Ray Charles may be gone but his music will stay with us forever as we keep hearing his original renditions as well as covers and revivals from various artists. His raspy voice and gritty diction brings life to Ain’t That Love. Truly this is one song that can only be sung the right way by Ray Charles.

Time for some dance music during the postlude? Jennifer Hudson’s got that covered with All Dressed in Love. This is guaranteed to warrant smiles and laughter and probably someone dancing to this lively tune. It’s one of the songs included in Sex and the City soundtrack that’s why many people can relate with it.

And what’s an R & B playlist without a dash of Mariah Carey songs? This is the time when Mariah relied mostly on her lovely voice. Bring back some 90s memories with Always Be My Baby from her Daydream album which many fans consider as her best ever.

Three fine ladies, sultry voices, great dance music. That’s the most fitting way of describing The Emotions’ rendition of Best of my Love. If this doesn’t get your guests dancing or at the very least singing along, nothing will.

Be playful with your music choices during the postlude part. But keep it low in volume as some may choose to chat during this time.

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