Pop Postlude Songs

Pop Postlude Songs

Pop Postlude Songs

The postlude part of the wedding might not have the same grandeur as the prelude or the solemnity of the processional. But being the part when the guests exit the ceremony area, it’s the perfect time to inject some more upbeat music. And this collection of Pop Postlude Songs definitely fits the bill.

Who can deny the musical wit of Walter Murphy with his modern, disco adaptation of the 19th century melody genius Ludwig Van Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony? Although this rendition was released back in 1975, it has never lost its touch.

Or how about the ‘Frank Sinatra’ of the modern generations, Michael Buble. Although known for his revivals of old classics from the ‘ol blue eyes’ himself, Ray Charles, and other timeless voices, the song ‘Everything’ brings to mind how the spouse is all we need.

The young and very talented Gavin DeGraw might have sung a lot of songs but three of them are pretty perfect for the wedding postlude. “Chariot” talks about admiration with words such as ‘Oh chariot your golden waves are walking down upon this face’. “Follow Through” is a song about how the relationship grows after the big I Do’s – ‘Since you wanna be with me, you’ll have to follow through with every word you say’. It’s about making promises and keeping them. “In Love With A Girl” is a mellow rock song that expresses how the guy is in love with a girl who knows him well.

The tale of Romeo and Juliet might seem tragic but at its core is a story about a love that can withstand all. Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” certainly carries on with that theme. It’s catchy and it’s memorable. Just like what pop postlude songs should be. Another catchy Taylor tune would be “Our Song”. It tells of memories, sweet nothings, escapades, and other things that make you look back and smile. That’s what a theme song should be.

Colbie Caillat with her soothing voice has got plenty of proper tunes, too. “Brighter Than The Sun” tells of new beginnings and how fate brings people together. The lively melody and rhythm has just enough upbeat and doesn’t go too far. It’s a wedding, after all. “I Do” might sound like a song that should be sung during the processional but Colbie puts a fun twist to the rhythm. There’s plenty more from her discography, but these two are the top pics for cheerful postlude music.

A couple of ‘I do’ songs from two different groups of two different eras make up this ensemble. 98 Degrees might have made you swooning with their looks but you can never deny their great voices, too. “I Do” has become a staple song in many weddings and you can hear it being played even during the prelude or processional portions. ‘In a world torn by change, still with all my heart, ‘til my dying day.’ No other song could have said that better.

For lovers of the classics out there, Abba takes it up a notch—as expected from the group. They can get the entourage and the guests in the right mood with their song “I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do”. ‘Love me or leave me, make your choice but believe me, I love you, I do, I do, I do, I do.’ That just doesn’t get old, does it?

The list of pop postlude songs is a great collection of tunes that will make your guests dance, smile, reminisce, and just plain be happy as they are lead outside the church. No wedding will be complete without a song or more from these great hits that have become favorites through the years.

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