Perfect Wedding

Introducing Perfect Wedding Reception Entertainment

The second reason comes when it’s time to party!
There are 2 kinds of people attending your reception.

Those that will want to dance if the right music is played and those that are more interested in conversation. The dancers want to hear and feel the music while still allowing for your other guests to have a conversation at their tables.

With a great entertainer, one that personally meets your guests and asks what they would like to hear, you know that your guest will hear songs that they want to dance to.
With a great sound system, the dance floor gets the majority of the sound, while your seated guests will be able to talk and still hear the music.

Includes: Up to five hours of music
Your choice of songs for all parts of your wedding reception

  • Introduction to Last Dance

Professional Digital Sound System

  • Designed to provide comfortable sound during your wedding reception

Professional quality Wireless Microphones for toasts and speeches

  • Ensures everyone hears every word of your wedding toasts and speeches

Includes up to 2 performers

  • Professional low profile dance floor lighting package (put between microphone line and performers line).
    2 & 4 Pro lighting fixtures designed to enhance your dance party
  • Professional Wedding DJ Jack Barros with an Assistant
  • Make the Assistant a separate line and change the copy to ’Trained Wedding DJ Assistant’
Plus these added benefits
Why choose DJ Jack Barros

  • I personally greet many of your guests at their table to introduce myself and get requests
  • I have designed a system for providing the right sound for each part of your wedding reception
  • My nickname is Happy Jack the DJ for my upbeat and fun parties
    The fourth line should be the I love what I do and would love to do it for you
  • Has performed for hundreds of brides and grooms.
  • Over 30 yrs as a Pro Wedding DJ.
  • Member of Toastmasters International (Speech, and leadership training organization).
  • Emily Post book of wedding etiquette trained.
  • BS is Electronic Engineering.
  • Published author of Bridal Songs Your Guide to Wedding Ceremony Music.
  • I love what I do and would love to do it for you!