Modern Grooms Entrance Songs

Modern R & B Grooms Entrance Songs

Modern Grooms Entrance Songs

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Modern R & B Grooms Entrance Songs

Welcome to the ‘Modern R & B Grooms Entrance Songs’ this week’s Wedding Ceremony Music Series feature article.  Each week we showcase a different genre of music for a different part of an American wedding ceremony. We covered the Classic Grooms Entrance Songs last week and talked about an unusual ceremony that I am performing on Cape Cod.

You can find all the songs on this list and much more in my book Bridal Songs Your Guide to Wedding Ceremony Music’. Available on Amazon. Many of the songs on this list can be used for other parts of your wedding ceremony or wedding reception.

Tip; remember you only 10 -20 seconds of music for the walk down the aisle. You can use a part of the song that is most relevant to you.

What do you want to say  with your modern R & B grooms entrance songs? You  can set the mood with the right choice.

Until the End of Time

Justin Timberlake will ‘Put you in the mood’ from his duet with Beyonce


‘She’s saying, “Come get me! Come get me!” So I got and followed her to the floor, she said, ‘baby let’s go” That’s when I told her, I said, ‘Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’ Usher and Lil Jon

Wedding Vows

“Can’t hold back my tears, cause I’m so happy I’m marrying an angel today, oooo” from Jamie Foxx

Good Feeling

“Oh oh sometimes I get a good feeling, yeah. I get a feeling that I never never never never had before, no, no, I get a feeling, yeah!” from Flo Rida

Love on Top

Let her know that you put her ‘Love on Top’ from Beyonce. “Baby, it’s you. You’re the one I love. You’re the one I need. You’re the only one I see.”

Marry You

“It’s a beautiful night, we’re looking for something dumb to do. Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you!’ from Bruno Mars


“There are days when I’m so mystified. That you have chosen me, yes
That every night before I close my eyes I thank god that I’m me” by Babyface


“Forever’s a mighty long time but I really wanna spend it with you
I shine when you shine and there’s really no substitute
Forever more.” Anthony David

You and I

“Lovin’ lovin’ oohh, lovin’ lovin’ you
Is easy, for me to do baby
And, I will feel this way till the end of time (Ooh)
Even though you’ve heard this a thousand times it’s the truth
Oh baby!” By Avant

Fast or slow there are songs that will put your guests in the mood, or let them know where you are coming from with a signature Modern Grooms Entrance Song!

Want more Modern Groom Entrance Songs?

Grab your copy of Bridal Songs Your Guide to Wedding Ceremony Music 2nd Edition a one of a kind wedding ceremony music resource! Find the perfect song for your wedding celebration.

You will find great country wedding ceremony songs for the prelude along with 10 other genres of music. You can find songs easily as the songs are listed by genre, artist and song title. The book details the different parts of the American wedding ceremony.

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Add Your Voice!

Is there a song you would use for a Country wedding ceremony?  Love to hear it. Place any suggestions in the comments.


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