Cutting the Cake at Your Wedding Reception WRPS – 7

Cutting the Cake at Your Wedding Reception WRPS – 7

Cutting the Cake at Your Wedding Reception

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Our next topic is the traditional Cutting the Cake at Your Wedding Reception

The cake cutting tradition has endured throughout the last century. We will talk about when you will be cutting the cake and the various ways that you can perform the wedding cake cutting ritual.

 The wedding cake was originally made to bring good luck to all the guests and the couple. Today wedding cakes are more of a centerpiece are often served as dessert, with dessert or in some cases not served to the guests at all. One popular tradition is to save the top tier of the cake till the 1st anniversary.

When you cut the wedding cake may be determined on whether or not the cake will be served as dessert. Traditionally the cake is cut after the dinner is served. In many venues today, I find that couples, that choose to serve the wedding cake for desert, are asked to cut the cake after salad by the venues. Check with your wedding reception venue for their specific policies on the wedding cake cutting.

You may have been to a wedding or heard about a wedding where the wedding cake was smeared all over each other’s faces. Most brides and grooms choose not to cover each other with cake.

Its customary for the bride to cut the cake first. The bride would then feed her husband. Next it is time for the husband to cut the cake and to feed his bride.

As a word of advice for brides, if you think your future husband is a masher, then after you feed him his cake, I would suggest that you keep the piece of cake you used in your hand, just in case you have to retaliate.

There are different ways that you can perform the cake cutting. The first way to consider cutting the cake is for the bride and groom to cut the cake without any fanfare. In this scenario, a member of the venue staff, joins the photographer and will help the bride and groom to cut the cake quietly.

The challenge with this method is that the cake cutting is one formality that many of your guests will be expecting. With that in mind, I suggest that you at least announce that you will be cutting the cake, so that your guest will have the opportunity to take pictures.

A second way of cutting the cake is to choose a song to cut the cake to and have it playing when you announce the wedding cake cutting to your guests. In this scenario the photographer or venue member may tell you how to do the cake cutting.

A third way to cut the cake is to have some fun while cutting it. In this scenario you choose a great song and your Emcee would publicly talk you through the cake cutting. This can add fanfare and a good Emcee will include your guests in making yours a memorable event.

There you have some ideas on when to have your wedding cake cutting and how you want to do it.

It is a fun tradition that your guests all look forward to.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the wedding cake cutting. In our next article we will be talking about the bride and groom and the traditional first dance.

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