Coming Soon Wedding Reception Planning Series WRPS – 0

Inside Wedding Reception Planning

Coming Soon Wedding Reception Planning Series WRPS – 0


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Wedding Reception Planning Series

Everything you need to know to help your wedding entertainment plan the wedding reception of your dreams.


4 Articles cover your wedding introductions in detail. Topics include;

Wedding Introductions in General – Are you going to have one?

The Who & When of Wedding Receptions – Who are you going to introduce?

Wedding Introduction Etiquette in A Modern Family – What does your family look like?

Wedding Introduction Styles – How will you be introduced on your wedding day?

What Comes Next

4 Articles cover what to do after you are introduced. Covered;

What Follows the Wedding Reception Introductions – When will you do your first dance?

Who Does What at Your Wedding Reception – Who blesses and who toasts?

Cutting the Cake at Your Wedding Reception – Mush or not to mush?

Parent Dances at Your Wedding Reception – How many parents do you have?

Save the Best for Last

2 Articles cover the last hour of your wedding reception. Includes:

Bouquet and Garter Toss for Wedding Receptions – Or an Alternative?

Last Dance of the Wedding Reception – How will you end the best party ever?

Each article gives insight into past and current traditions often seen in American wedding receptions. Tips, ideas and insight from a veteran wedding DJ. Each article will have a video and the written article.

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