Coming Soon Inside Wedding Reception Planning Series

Coming Soon Wedding Recepton Planning Series

Coming Soon Inside Wedding Reception Planning Series


Inside Wedding Reception Planning Series

Coming soon Inside Wedding Reception Planning Series with a veteran Wedding DJ! From introductions to the last dance. Everything you need to know to help your wedding entertainment plan the wedding reception of your dreams.


4 Articles cover your wedding introductions in detail. Topics include;

Wedding Introductions in General – Are you going to have one?

The Who & When of Wedding Receptions – Who are you going to introduce?

Wedding Introduction Etiquette in A Modern Family – What does your family look like?

Wedding Introduction Styles – How will you be introduced on your wedding day?

What Comes Next

4 Articles cover what to do after you are introduced. Covered;

What Follows the Wedding Reception Introductions – When will you do your first dance?

Who Does What at Your Wedding Reception – Who blesses and who toasts?

Cutting the Cake at Your Wedding Reception – Mush or not to mush?

Parent Dances at Your Wedding Reception – How many parents do you have?

Save the Best for Last

2 Articles cover the last hour of your wedding reception. Includes:

Bouquet and Garter Toss for Wedding Receptions – Or an Alternative?

Last Dance of the Wedding Reception – How will you end the best party ever?

Each article gives insight into past and current traditions often seen in American wedding receptions. Tips, ideas and insight from a veteran wedding DJ. Each article will have a video and the written article.

Coming Soon Inside Wedding Reception Planning Series to Jacky B’s Wedding DJ Blog

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