Christian Wedding Processional Songs

Christian Wedding Processional Songs

Christian Wedding Processional Songs

What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate. – Mark 10:9, English Standard Version.

Those words epitomize what a Christian wedding should be. Actually, what every wedding should be. It is the joining of two people, witnessed by God and men, and expresses the love between them. This unity should be kept sacred and protected from all elements that might try to break it.

The processional part of the wedding might have different meanings depending on how the wedding was coordinated. Generally, it refers to the entourage’s entrance. In Jewish tradition, it’s the entrance of all the ceremony’s participants. The processional starts right after the parents and honored guests of the wedding have been seated. The procession’s length will depend on a few factors like the type of processional, how many attendants will be marching in, and the length of the aisle.

There are traditional songs and symphonies like Here Comes the Bride, but times have changed and there is more freedom on what songs can be included in wedding ceremonies. The songs in this list will be perfect for a wedding between a Christian couple.

Close To You by BeBe & CeCe Winans.

Published in 2009, the song Close To You has been a staple in many Christian weddings and for all the right reasons. With a soothing R&B tempo, this song talks about how a person wants to be close to another and the perfect combination between them. This musical duo has produced a string of hits back in the day and this is just one of them. The lyrics are simple and straightforward, but touching all the same.

From a Distance by Bette Midler.

Who would have thought that a Christian song about God and how he watches over his great creations will eventually become a worldwide hit? Maybe it’s Bette’s unique voice. Maybe it’s the beautifully written lyrics. Now, some might be wondering why this song is part of the list. It’s generic and doesn’t speak of union between two souls. But a wedding is also great blessing from God, and quite comparable to his other beautiful creations.

Give Me Forever by John Tesh.

This song might not have gotten the full recognition that it truly deserved. It was originally written by John Tesh and James Ingram and the latter’s involvement should have been enough to make this a hit. Nevertheless, it’s one of the best Christian wedding processional songs out there. With a three-fourths tempo, and an excellent combination of vocals, piano and the orchestra, it’s a brilliant song and expresses the great love between a couple as it is promised in the presence of God.

The Road That Never Ends by Jim Kimball.

Love is a road that never ends. It’s a couple’s continuous journey to forever with each day a blessing from God. The unity between two people as they become man and wife is the start of that journey. Witnessed by God and men, a wedding is more than just an exchange of I do’s. And this is told with every word of this particular song.

When I Say I Do by Matthew West.

‘There must be a God. I believe it’s true. Cause I can see His love. When I look at you.’ The first verse of this song alone is enough to make you listen until the very end. Combine that with Matthew West’s soothing voice and you’ve got a song that’s pretty much made for this list of Christian wedding processional songs. Songs like these make weddings more memorable. The lyrics speak of what’s in the couple’s hearts at the very moment of their union, and is able to touch those who are witnessing it as well.

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