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Modern Family Wedding Introduction Etiquette

Wedding Introduction Etiquette in a Modern Family

  Wedding Introduction Etiquette in a Modern Family

  Hi my name is Jack Barros, Boston area wedding DJ and author of Modern Wedding Ceremony 101. A short eBook on American wedding ceremonies.

  Welcome to the Wedding Reception Planning series. In this video series we’ll discuss the typical American wedding reception.

   The goal is to get you the information you need to help plan the wedding of your dreams.

You may have heard there are a lot of great traditions in American weddings. You may choose to honor some traditions and change others to fit your own needs. One of the most common of wedding traditions is the introduction of the bridal party.

What happens when tradition comes up against modern influences?

In this article we will discuss Wedding Introduction Etiquette in a Modern Family. How to introduce multiple parents at your wedding reception. There are a lot of reasons why we have multiple parents, my job is to introduce them properly to your guests.

Our parents today often have new husbands, wives, boyfriends or girlfriends. You want them introduced without slighting anyone or offending someone’s position in your family. Following are some suggestions on how you can properly introduce your parents and their new relationships.

In the first scenario the hosts of the wedding reception are the bride’s parents. They have divorced and both have remarried. Custom dictates that we introduce the brides’ mom and her partner first. I would suggest the following:

Introduce the brides’ mom by her first name escorted by her husband/wife as the case may be, using the first and last name. Ex; Ladies and Gentlemen please help me welcome brides’ mom, Mary escorted by her wife Beverly Jones

To welcome the brides’ dad, use his first and last name, escorting his partner, using their first name. i.e: Ladies and Gentlemen, lets welcome the brides Dad, Thomas Smith escorting his wife Alice.

In the Next Scenario…

In this next scenario, the grooms’ parents have separated and his mom and his dad are bringing a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

Introduce the grooms’ mom, using her first and last name, escorted by the first and last name of her escort. Ex; Brides mom, Mary Jones escorted by Thomas Smith

Introduce the grooms’ dad, by his first and last name escorting first and last name of his escort. Ex; grooms’ dad, Robert Jones escorting Alice Smith

There are times when the new ‘parent’ becomes more than just mom or dads significant other and truly becomes a loving parent. In this case you may want to find other words that reflect their importance in your life without offending your biological parent.

Using other terms of recognition for each parent may help. Using dad and father or mom and mother in your introduction will help alleviate offending anyone in your family.

In this scenario, the brides’ mom and dad have split up and mom remarried to someone that became as much a father to the bride as her biological father. Her dad has also remarried.

Introduce the brides’ mom and new dad using moms first name and the new dads first and last name. The introduction would be, please help me welcome the brides’ mom and dad, Mary and Thomas Smith

Introduce the brides’ biological father and his wife using his first and last name and her first name. Ex; please welcome brides’ father, Robert Jones escorting his wife Alice.

Now you have a better idea on how to introduce your Modern Family on your wedding day!

In the next video in the Wedding Reception Planning Series, we’ll discuss wedding introduction styles. How do you want to be introduced?

Questions, comments feedback? I would love to hear it!

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Who and When of Wedding Introductions

Wedding Reception Planning Series – The Who and When of Wedding Receptions

Wedding Reception Planning Series

The Who and When of Wedding Receptions

   Hi my name is Jack Barros, Boston area wedding DJ and author of Modern Wedding Ceremony 101. A short eBook on American wedding ceremonies.

   Welcome to the Wedding Reception Planning series. In this video series we’ll discuss the typical American wedding reception.

   The goal is to get you the information you need to help plan the wedding of your dreams.

   The second article in the Wedding Reception planning series is the Who & When of the Wedding Introduction.

   You know that in American weddings there are a lot of great traditions that you can choose to celebrate. Often times we can get overwhelmed with trying to do them all.

   Choose the ones that have meaning to you, your spouse and your families. Great thing is that you can modify, or even start your own family tradition.

   Your professional wedding DJ or emcee may have ideas unique to your venue and part of the country

Who Will it Be?

   Decision time! The first decision you will need to make is to determine who will be introduced.

   How many do you want to be introduced? Your choices are from the least amount people, 2, to the most amount of people, everyone involved in the ceremony to introduce. 

   For those of you who missed the previous video in this series, Wedding Introductions in General, following is a quick recap.

   You may choose to introduce only your selves the bride and groom. The next choice would be to include the formal bridal party, which are the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

   You may also want to include the flower girl and ring bearer with the bridal party.

   Most common in the New England area is to introduce everyone associated with the wedding ceremony including the bride and grooms’ parents as described below.

VIP’s and other Notable Guests

   Do you have any notable guests? Notable guests include your grandparents or other family members not in the formal bridal party,  

  In that case there are two options for you. First you can have them introduced just before your parents or you may have them recognized at their table.

   Most brides and grooms choose the latter.

   Traditionally the bride’s parents would be the hosts, read payee of the wedding reception, and would there for be the first to be introduced.

   Most wedding receptions today are paid for by anyone we can get to help us. If you have a host, they should be the first to be introduced.

   All of the parents are typically introduced before introducing the bridal party. 

   I have seen many brides and grooms choose to have one of their parents play another role in their wedding receptions by asking them to be Matron of Honor or Best Man.

   In that case you may choose to have the remaining parent come in solo or have another member of the family escort the them into the room.

   Discuss this with your professional wedding DJ or emcee, they may have other suggestions that may be unique to your wedding area

If you are having a very young Flower Girl and or a Ring Bearer, you may have them come in right after your parents so they have someone they know to follow.

   The Formal Bridal Party will be introduced beginning with bridesmaids (brides’ attendants) and groomsmen (ushers) followed by the Maid/Matron of Honor and Best Man.

Does it Matter?

   The order the couples are introduced matters if everyone is sitting at the Head Table.

   In that case you have choice of having all the bridesmaids and usher sit together or for the couples to remain in pairs.

   No matter who or how many you introduce, You and your spouse are introduced last.

   There you have the Who and the When of wedding reception introductions.

   In the next video we will talk about wedding introduction etiquette. How to introduce your parents in a Modern Family! 

   In today’s Modern Family, we have multiple parents, due to many different reasons. We’ll talk about how we introduce them all at your wedding reception.

   Until then, you have a Great Day!


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