5 Christian Postlude Songs That Will Add Meaning to Your Ceremony

5 Christian Postlude Songs That Will Add Meaning to Your Ceremony

The wedding DJ plays the postlude music after the minister or pastor gives the benediction.  Imagine this: you and your sweetheart have just said “I Do” and have officially tied the knot. Now, you don’t want silence as you and your wedding party go out of the ceremony. Nor do you want your guests to leave without any music playing on the background. It could be awkward.

In most cases, the minister or pastor may only allow Christian postlude music. Your postlude should have as much flair and elegance as the other songs in your wedding music list. Don’t leave your postlude to chance. Check out these selections:

  1. Sebastian Temple’s “All That I Am” is a perfect Christian postlude. It is a dedication song—a promise of offering one’s life for the glory of God. The words, “All that I am…I do…I’ll ever have… I offer now to You” is a spoken commitment of the newlyweds in the form of song. What a great declaration, “Take and sanctify these gifts for your honor, Lord”. Simple and heartfelt—that’s what you want your postlude to be.
  2. A #1 on the Gospel Songs chart, the song “Close To You” is a duet by Bebe and Cece Winans. The siblings are American Gospel singers who have received many Grammy nominations and awards. The song is an affirmation that no one can undo what God has done for one’s life until the end of time. It is a song of the faithfulness of the Lord and the desire to be close to Him. This is a good choice to conclude a solemn ceremony.
  3. “Everything Glorious” is a song by the contemporary Christian band, David Crowder Band. The lyrics go, “The day is brighter here with You, the night is lighter than its hue…. You make everything glorious.” A great way to close the ceremony is through a song that declares the Lord makes all things splendid and beautiful. It won’t be just for the couple, but an inspiration for everyone in attendance.
  4. If you prefer a power ballad to rock the conclusion of your wedding ceremony, then choose “Honestly” by the Christian metal band Stryper. The lyrics are deeply touching and express commitment: “I will never betray your trust in me…I love you honestly”. It’s about human friendship—and friendship is one of the key ingredients to a great marriage. It is also a song about the love and faithfulness of God.
  5. In “Say Once More”, Amy Grant sings, “..time can’t erase this look of love on your face… my life will always be richer.. here with you..” You can consider this postlude as either secular love song or a love ballad to God. Let your wedding DJ play “Say Once More” if you are looking for a Christian postlude that doesn’t have explicit Christian lyrics.


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