Wedding Tip about Receptions from a Boston Professional Wedding DJ

Wedding Tip about Receptions from a Boston Professional Wedding DJ


Just a quick tip from DJ Jack Barros a Boston Professional Wedding DJ! About where to set your wedding tables to create the perfect mood at your reception.

A recent past weekend I had the pleasure of playing music for Heather & James Macomber at Chamberlain Pavillion in Berkely, MA. Upon arriving at the venue I checked in with owner Jacqui Chamberlain to review the setup of the room and itinerary.

We walked into the Pavillion and her staff had started setting up the tables like in table setting 1 below. I was impressed that she immediatley instructed her staff to change the room to one similiar to Table setting number 2 below.

There are a few good reasons as to why she changed the layout of the room. A practical reason is that it is more efficient for guests and staff alike. More importantly wedding receptions are family reunions and your guests want to be able to talk. The close proximity of the tables allows for a more intimate setting.

One more good reason is that if you have a large dance floor in relation to the amount of people there is a loss of energy in the room. Most of us like to have other people around us when we dance and if there is to much distance we start to feel uncomfortable.

Tip of the day from DJ Jack Barros a BostonProfessional Wedding DJ, ladies is to have your wedding reception intimate and comfortable for your guests to be able to relax and have a good time by having the right table setup.

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