Great Wedding At The Charles Hotel

Great Wedding At The Charles Hotel

Party At The Charles with Wedding DJ Jack Barros

We had a great time at the wedding reception of Jennifer Catelli & Michael J Person at the Charles Hotel in Cambridge. Michael provided Worcester area wedding DJ Jack Barros with a great playlist of songs for the guests to dance to. Jennifer and Michael set the tone of the night with a first dance that shared their passion for dance and each other.

Many of Jennifer & Michael’s guests were ball room dancers and wowed the crowd with moves worthy of Dancing With the Stars! A really incredible tango had most of watching in awe as this couple performed like I’ve never seen in my 30 year career! What a great way to start your married life together! I am thankful to have been a part of such a fun night.

Great big thank you to Sarah German and the staff at The Charles Hotel for helping me to overcome unforeseeable delays and equipment malfunctions. Thanks Sarah for going above and beyond to ensure that our bride and groom were happy!

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